juz 4 u..^_^
'i always think 0f u in my my dreams.
'i always think 0f u all day..all nite.
h0ping dat u are alright..
'i always thimh 0f u wishing dat u are..
thnking 0f me t0o..
every minutes..
every sec0nd 0f the day..
'i think 0f u in every special way..
'i always think 0f u..
i really d0..all bc0z..
i l0ve u...
its better 2 be al0ne than unhappy with sm0ne..
when pe0ple ask me whats wr0ng..
h0w can i explain this feeling..
its juz that...
my heart hurts..
n0thing hurts m0re than realizing he meants
everything 2 u..
but U meant n0thing 2 him..
d0 u ever thing ab0ut me.???
d0 u ever cry urself b4 sleep.??


leave ur comment kt snie ea..
apepun boleh..^_^